Saturday, August 29, 2015

Week 1- Outside the Classroom

Our homework this weekend for Digital Theory and Skills was to watch two videos about Adobe Illustrator. The first one, "Touring the Interface," was about the layout of Illustrator and where everything is located. The speaker started in the top left and worked his way down and across the screen. First he briefly talked about the menu bar and then the control panel then went into more detail about the tools panel, explaining how the tools panels is divided into little sub-sections and what each of those sections is and contains. After that, the speaker worked his way over to the panel system on the right of the Illustrator page and talked about the importance of these panels.

The second video, "Understanding Vector Graphics," explains how artwork in vector format is better when working with art that will need to be scaled. The speaker explained and demonstrated that, if one is creating a piece of artwork in Illustrator, which is resolution independent, they can scale this piece larger or smaller without ruining the quality of the work, unlike Photoshop which is limited in its output size and quality when not working with an image taken from an outside source. Vector formatting is better for work that will be scaled in the future because it is made up of math formulas, not pixels, that allow scaling without losing any quality in the image.

Both of these videos were extremely helpful and very informative, I believe I will view more of these informational videos on Illustrator to help further my understanding.

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