Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 1B

Today in class we had an introduction on the different keys and commands on a Mac keyboard. The shortcuts we went over are going to be extremely useful once we start working with Illustrator and Photoshop more. We also went over the different file sizes like Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, and Gigabyte, and different file formats, such as .doc (Microsoft Word document), .rtf (Rich Text Format), .ai (Adobe Illustrator Document), and .psd (Photoshop document). After going over these notes, we got to work with Illustrator. We had a pretty easy in-class assignment, we just had to create an interesting composition on a standard size Illustrator canvas using only 100 black circles. I was not quite sure what to do at first so I just started out making sure I had 100 black circles and practiced the different key commands. I finally got an idea as to how I wanted my piece to look and got to work. After a little I realized it was not working out the way I wanted it to so instead of starting over I just worked with what I had. At the end, this is what I created:

 I believe my piece works well because it has an interesting composition. It is not symmetrical but is still balanced and I feel the overlapping lines help create a sense of depth.
I have never worked with Illustrator before but I feel like I picked up this assignment pretty quickly and I am happy with what I created. I am very excited to see what else we can do in Illustrator and what neat designs I can create using it.

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