Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 11B

Today in class we had to work on two CSS tutorials since Pannafino was not here. The tutorials went over CSS Coding. Part one was the basics while part two went into more detailing and quicker way to do your CSS coding. I apologize in advance for accidentally doing part two before part one but I will be showing them in the correct order.

Here was Part One:

I just used the tutorial from our first day working with html for this tutorial.

First all I had to do was style the h1 heading of my page

As you can see, other than the heading, everything else is from part 2. The coding above is what styled the "My First Webpage," part of the webpage.

This was the first few parts of the CSS coding we had to do:

Here I added in the h1styling:

and here is the coding for h2:

Here we had to use an ID to create a colored padding around the top part of our page:

 (I apologize again for things possibly being out of order)

Here is Part 2:

Once I was finished with everything I went back and fixed it up a bit, some things are missing but you have to admit, it looks a lot prettier.

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