Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week 13B

Today in class we started off by taking a few notes. Pannafino showed us how to create a hover effect with an image and how to make images links. He also showed us how to add different effects to links. After that the rest of the class was just work time for our final web design.

For my final web design I changed a few of the images on my page to try and show the range of work Jessica Hische does. I also change the image I had of "Title Case" under side projects so it was not blurred like the previous one. This is what my web page looks like as of now (3:43pm):

and here is all the coding so far (3:43):

During class I also added two links. One to her Drop Cap website and another to her official website. I put the link to her Drop Cap site in the Drop Cap section and her official web-address at the end of her bio.

I ended up changing the background to a floral pattern because I believe it is more of Jessica's style than the simpler kind of boxy pattern I had before.
Here is the new background:

I played around with a few things and came across how to round off corners so I decided to try it with my page. As you can see in the image below I rounded the corners of the picture of Jessica, the title, and, although it is very hard to see and also not pictured here, the corners of the main area everything is located in as well as the footer.

Today I just made some small changes to my webpage, nothing too complicated. In the footer of my webpage I am thinking about writing my own opinion on Hische's work but I am not 100% sure if I will do that or not. At the end of class today (5:30pm) this is how my webpage looks:

I do not think I have much work left to put into it but I am going to keep looking through w3schools to see if there is anything I could add to my page.

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