Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 13: Outside the Classroom

November 16

The more we learn about CSS and HTML coding, the more excited I get about the final project for this class and projects of my own that I have started. After class today I stayed late so I could finish the last few rows of images on my webpage. I continued working on my webpage later in the evening, adding a hover tag to my images, images as links, and I even added a Google font.

Here is the photo of the effect I added to the images:

Here is the section I added of her side projects, the images are links to each website shown in the images:

November 17th

Today I added descriptions to the Side Projects section of my webpage as seen here:

I also added titles to the rest of the sections, it did not look right to me that only the "Side Projects" section had a title while the others did not.

I also added a background color to the main area of my webpage (where all the information is) that is very similar to the colors in the background pattern of the whole webpage. It is not very noticeable but it helps make it easier to read the text on the page.

November 18th (before class)

Today before class I added another section to my webpage. Jessica Hische does a lot of drop cap designs and although they are considered a side project for her, she has so many that I decided to give them their own section. Here is what it looks like:

Like the rest of the images, these three have the same effect.

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