Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 12A

Today in class we started out by looking over our mood boards and giving a mini presentation on the designer we are creating a webpage for. After that Pannafino briefly talked about web page layouts. One thing we are supposed to avoid is having a boxy layout to our web pages. Went then went to a few websites (,, and to check out their layouts and how they work. Once we were done with that, Pannafino had us look for three different webpages with simple designs/layouts and map them out to give us a better understanding of how this will work for our webpages.

These are the webpages I mapped out:


When mapping it out, this webpage has a one column layout for most of the page, breaks into a two column layout, and then goes back to a one column layout before it reaches the footer.


This website has a navigation bar at the top of the page, a single column where the first image is, then it breaks into a three column layout, then breaks down further into a four column layout but where the text is between the images, each text box covers two columns. After that, the page goes back into one column.


As you can see, at the top of the page is an image with the title places over top. The page is then broken into two columns, then three, goes back to two and then down to one. Very simple design with a good conclusion.

Out of these three webpage designs, I think prefer the one has. It has a nice flow to it and I think something like that would really work for my designer webpage.

As of now this is what my moodboard for this project. I am not sure what else I should add to it but I do feel it needs a little more. All the images are of Jessica Hische's work, I added a color scheme, and her job titles using fonts I believe she would use (or close to).

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