Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week 12B

Today in class we first showed Pannafino our homework, the mapping of different websites' designs. He also had us talk briefly about what we observed while doing this. One thing I noticed was how most websites I looked at started out simple, had a good build up to the middle of the page, and then went back to being simple at the bottom.

After that Pannafino went over how to create floating boxes and columns for our webpage. He showed us how to create the basic layout of a webpage as well.

Once we finished that, the rest of the class was work time. Pannafino had us sketch out an idea or two for our webpage layout and then figure out how that would be created in a CSS document.
This is what I have so far (very very very rough sketch):

My webpage layout is very simple, structured, and organized. I noticed this is how Jessica has her personal page set up as well (not the same layout, but simple, structured, and organized), so I would like to keep it like that and not do anything too fancy.

After I sketched my idea out on paper, I created an HTML and CSS document and designed my layout there just so I could see how it looks. So far this is what I have:

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