Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 10A

Today in class we started talking about the Internet/WWW, and HTML. We started off talking about what the Internet is and then  went over a few terms such as HTML (HyperText Markup Language), FTP (File Transfer Program), and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). After that we watched a few videos on "Don't Fear the Internet," that went over how to use HTML to create a webpage.

Once we were done with the videos Professor Pannafino gave us a HTML Tutorial that we had to work on. Here is what we did:

At first the tutorial just had us type into our text editor (I am using Sublime text 2) "This is my first web page," save it as an html file and open it in our browser. All that came up was our text "This is my first webpage," on an all white background. Then we stated getting into more detail.

Next I had to put in tags. When I refreshed the page, it looked the same but that is to be expected.

I then created a title which put text into the tab on my browser.

I then had to break up the text so it was not all on one, single line.

I then worked with then emphasis and strong tag which added detail to the text.

Notice: "is" is italicized because of the <em> tag and "Warning:" is bold because of the <strong> tag.

Next was creating headers using the different header tags. Then are 6 different headers, h1 being the biggest and h6 being the smallest.

After that I worked on creating lists using the <ul> tag which creates a bullet point list.

After that I used the <ol> tag to create a numbered list.

I then had to create a list within a list.

I then had to create a link to a webpage, I decided to just us Google.

Once I clicked on the link above, it took me right to the home page of Google.

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