Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week 6: Outside the Classroom

Today was the Interdisciplinary  Interaction Design Conference. There were four speakers, Joni Trythall, Kasey Hults, Erin Good, Sam Provenza, and Sofia Millares. They each talked about something a bit different. Joni talked about Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) and how to use them. Her presentation included work of her own as examples which helped with understanding how exactly it works. Kasey Hults talked about her experience in the workforce, who she worked for and the process she went through when creating designs for companies. Erin Good talked about her experience with interviews for internships and job opportunities and gave out advice for us college students who will soon be going through the same process. Sam Provenza's presentation was about Flexbox and how to use that when designing items like websites, she even showed up an example she had set up and went through it to show us how it works, letting us see the changes made not only in the coding but the appearance of her design as well. Finally, Sofia came up to give her presentation. Like Kasey she talked about her work with Nasdaq and how her team works together to come up with different designs for clients.

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