Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week 7B

Today in class we started out by going over how to use the clone-stamp tool and adjustment layers to aid in the making of our 404 Error Page.

After that we had the rest of class to start working on our 404 Error Page using the images we took ourselves and scanned from magazines, books, etc.

Today I just worked on tracing the images I want to use for my page. This included a Polaroid Camera and two images I had scanned from a book.

First I started with tracing the camera and placing it into an empty Photoshop document:

After that I traced one of the two images I am thinking of using for my page:

I then added that image to the Photoshop document that now contains the image of my camera and played around with its position:

I also traced a second image I am contemplating using in my 404 Error page:

I copied that image into the Photoshop document as well and then made the layer holding the three photographs invisible so I could play around with the new one to see which I preferred.

As of now I know for sure I am going to use the image of my Polaroid Camera but am not 100% sure which scanned image I am going to use. I still have a few more options I am going to play around with.

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