Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week 6B

In class today we learned how to take part of one image and photoshop it into another, making it look like it is actually part of the second picture.

In order to do this, you must have both images open in Photoshop. You then go to the image you want to take a part of, and using the pen tool, outline the section of the image you want to take out and place in the second image. Make sure when outlining, you zoom in pretty close and take your time outlining the image. After outlining what you want to edit, go to the Path panel and chose Make a Selection from the drop-down menu, you then change the feathering to .2.n Once this is done, just click Command-C to come, go to the second image, and click Command-V to paste. You'll then scale the copied image to the correct proportions (remember, when you are scaling down, you lose those pixels so take your time). When placing your copied image behind whatever is in your second picture, outline using the pen tool again the parts that will be covering your copied image. You'll then do the same thing you did after outlining the section of the first image you wanted to copy into the second. This is how you photocopy one image into another.

After practicing this on our own in class, we started the actual in-class/homework assignment. For this assignment we needed to scan an ad from a magazine and open it in Photoshop, then take a picture of ourselves that we will then edit into the image of the ad.

This is the ad that I edited myself into:

And this is the photo of myself that I edited into the ad:

After following the same steps from above, this is what the finished product looks like:

I had to fix up the lighting on the image of myself once I edited it into the ad as well. Tracing myself was a bit difficult and took some time but once that is done, the rest is pretty easy.

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