Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 8A

Today in class we went over a few more aspects of Photoshop and then had the rest of the time to work on our 404 Error Page.

In the beginning of class, this is what my error page looked like:

As you can see, not a lot has been done, just a scanned image and a photo I traced have been placed into a Photoshop document.

Today I added text, a few accents, and worked with the layout some more. I added the text in Photoshop. I chose the text I did because it went along with options from the website I am creating this page for.

I decided to bring up the website again, which is the site I am making the error page for, so I could choose the right text font and color scheme. This is what the site's home page looks like:

I decided to choose a font that look similar to the text "Beautiful Client Photo Galleries," and use the light teal color (like the "Get Started" box) throughout my 404 error page to connect the two pages.

I then went to Illustrator to create a rectangular shape the text at the bottom of the screen would sit in.

I then went back into Photoshop, went to File -> Place Linked and added the teal rectangle into my Photoshop document. I placed it around the "Home" text at them bottom of the screen and then, holding down the "option" key, created three more to surround each individual text, editing their size as needed.

After looking over my page, I decided to make all the rectangles the same size. I deleted the ones around "Home," "Tour," and "About Us," and while holding down the option key, using the box around "Help & Support" created copies of that same size box and placed them around the rest of the text.

Once I was done with this, I went back into Illustrator to create another accent shape for my page. I decided to create a single line:

Placing it into Photoshop the same way I brought in the rectangle, I placed the line right above the top edge of the photograph, as seen here:

I also switched the position of the "404 Error: Page Not Found." and "On Snap! That's Not Right..., We'll Set The Picture Straight," text which I believe works much better that the placement before.

I may add in the name of the website somewhere within the error page and possibly switch out the photograph with a different one but as of now I believe I am just about done. 

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