Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 2B

Today in class we started working on our first big assignment, creating a desktop calendar for the month of October. In order to prepare for this, we first started out by creating a Mind Map. The purpose of a mind map is to come up with as many different thoughts and ideas about one subject as possible, just write whatever comes to mind. As seen below, you start out with on central topic and work your way out, connected and relating different ideas. For this assignment our Mind Map had to be on the topic of October so we could start coming up with ideas for the desktop calendar.

After creating the Mind Map, we then talked about creating a Mood Board using Illustrator. A Mood Board is, "a technique used to organize ideas and inspiration in early stages of production. Mood Boards will help pin down visual feelings and direction of your work..." There are many benefits of creating a mood board such as jump starting creativity by using it as a quick reference guide. Not everything on your Mood Board will be used in the final product. For our Mood Board we need photos (close ups and long shots), color swatches, illustrations, and different texts/fonts.

The dimension for our Mood Board in Illustrator must be 17x11 with the Tabloid size. We then needed to find all the items listed above to place onto our mood board. Color swatches are easy, just create a box then choose a certain color for the fill. Text is easy as well, type out certain words that go with your theme then choose a font you think will go well with it. In order to place photos onto your mood board you must first save them to a specific folder, then go to File -> Place -> go to the folder with your images ->Place on board.

I may add more but so far this is my Mood Board:

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