Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 4B

Today in class we spent almost the whole time working on our calendar projects. In the beginning of class my calendar looked like this:

In the previous class I focused on getting the basic shapes and colors I wanted. As you can see, there is no depth and a very small amount of detailing. In today's class I focused on adding more detailing to my calendar and putting the actual calendar and Smashing Magazine logo in if I had time. To add some depth to my artwork, I used gradient scales to mimic light and shadow. I also changed the shapes of a few things and had time to add the calendar into my work. About three-quarters of the way through class, this is what I had done:

To see if my calendar looked good as a desktop, I went to file, export, then saved it onto my desktop as a PNG file. I then went to Select Preferences on my desktop, went to Backgrounds and chose my calendar. Once it was set as the background I got a really good look at what to change. The stars were hidden along the top and "October," was also very close to the top. I went back into Illustrator and moved the stars and the entire calendar down a bit so that none of it was hidden. Here is what my calendar looks like now:

As you can see I made small changes. I also had time to add the Smashing Magazine logo. To add that i downloaded the image of the logo, placed it onto my Image Layer, and then traced over it on my Tracing layer.  In the image below, the original logo is on the bottom my my tracing is on top:

As of now I feel really good about my calendar but I do think a few more things need to be adjusted such as the placing of the marshmallows on the ground.

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