Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 5B

Today in class we had our critique.

When it came time to go over mine. everyone (that talked at least) did like it but also gave me some good feed back.

Critique on Calendar:

  • One person felt a lot was going on in my calendar and their eyes were constantly moving until they got to the top, right corner where there is not a lot going on.
  • Another commented on the font of my calendar, how it is not as crisp as everything else (possibly the outlining?)
  • Pannafino suggested placing a marshmallow on fire running away in the background along the horizon just so it isn't so flat.
  • Someone else suggested having the stick holding the marshmallow above the fire coming in from the right side so it is not so empty.
All of these comments were very helpful and I will make sure to remember these the next time I work in Illustrator.

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