Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 4: Outside the Classroom

For homework we had to watch two more tutorial videos, "Using the Type Panels," and "Basic Text Editing."

"Using the Type Panels," was a tutorial on more in-depth settings for text. In order to get to these panels go to Window, Type, then choose Character and Character Style. With these panels you can change the font and style of text, such as the letting, which is the space between lines, the kerning, which is the space between characters, and the tracking which is the spacing between each letter. You can also create new Paragraph and Character styles. Under Paragraph settings in the panel, click the new style icon at the bottom of the panel and this allows you to change the name and settings of this new paragraph style. The directions are the same with the Character styles. Doing this makes it much easier when creating more than one item that requires the same paragraph and character styles, all you have to do is go back and choose which ones you would like.

The second video, "Basic Text Editing," was just a simple tutorial on changing the text in your artwork. Most of the editing can be done through the control panel, like changing the font and its size and whether it needs to be bold, italic, etc. When choosing a color for your text just go over to the color panel and choose from the swatches. If you need your text to be a specific color that you already have on your board, just click "i" to get the eye-dropper and choose what color you wish your text to be, just make sure it is selected.

All of this is pretty easy stuff that can really enhance your artwork and make it more professional and eye-catching.

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