Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 3B

Today in class we started out by watching a video that explained what Creative Commons licenses are. Creative Commons licenses are used by artists who want to share their work but can also put limitations on their pieces if they so wish. Anyone who uses an image with a Creative Commons license must acknowledge the artist but the artist can also limit whether or not this product can be sold, shared with like terms, and/or whether it can or cannot be manipulated.

After watching the video we quickly went over Visual Syntax and what it is along with a visual representation as seen here in my notes:

When we finished that, Professor Pannifino showed us different layouts for our calendars.
He showed us Center Layouts:

Symmetrical Layouts:
and Layouts with Repetition:

After finishing that up, we split into groups to help each other come up with ideas for our calendar. I was in a group with Summer and Alaysia.

Summer's theme for her calendar is the color scheme of fall. It was a little tricky to come up with ideas but I came up with two different ones. The first (left one in image) is a layout consisting of repetition, alternating apples and leaves that on the far left start out green and as they move to the right, fade into yellow, orange, red, and finally brown. The second idea (right one in image), is an image of a pumpkin patch with a scarecrow and trees with changing leaves in the background.

Alaysia's theme centers around skeletons but she wants it to be a fun, cute theme rather than dark and scary. My two ideas for her  both have figures in them but the first one has two trick-or-treaters, one in a skeleton costume, the other in a Death costume walking down a sidewalk. The second one only has one figure, a little skeleton.

The theme for my calendar is hanging out with friends on a cold night around a bonfire. Summer and Alaysia both came up with good ideas for my calendar, at first I was very unsure what to do. Summer came up with a sketch of a close up image of a marshmallow over a campfire which I really liked and we both agreed to possibly making the marshmallow the calendar. Alaysia came up with two different sketches. The one was more cartoony, it was two marshmallows around a campfire. The other one was of two figures embracing, possibly during a starry night.

So far I have three sketches myself:

The top left is another version of the one Summer came up with, with the marshmallow being the calendar. The top right is one I came  up with on my own with a starry, night-time background, two marshmallows over the fire on the left and the calendar placed on the right. The bottom left is another version of the one Alaysia came up with involving the two marshmallows, in my version there is one on fire over the bonfire and two more below screaming and running away.

I have a few more ideas I still need to sketch out but after meeting with a group I definitely have a better idea of what I would like my calendar to look like.

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