Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 4A

Today in class we went over a few notes regarding our Calendar project and then used the rest of class time working in Adobe Illustrator.

First we went over basic Typographic rules. We talked about what serifs are, making your type readable, using scale to emphasize, how to mix typefaces (and make it look good), what rags, widows, and orphans are in type, tracking, and stacking. These notes will help us when it comes time to add type to our calendars.

After taking those notes we had the rest of the  class to work on tracing our sketches and photos for this project. It was tricky for me at first but I am slowly getting the hang of things. I believe with more practice and possibly a little help I should be able to come up with great images for my calendar from both my photos and sketches.
Today I traced one photo and one sketch. As of now I only have the outline from the photo but I finished the entire sketch, added fills to the shapes and even a background. The sketch tracing is still very flat but I plan to go back in to add more detail.

Here is my original photo, tracing over the photo, and just the tracing:

I do plan on going back into the tracing of my image to add much more detail. I wanted to first get the hang of tracing before getting too into the detail and this image had some pretty simple shapes.

Now, here is the sketch I traced and added some color to:

As you can see, it still needs a lot of work. Today I mainly wanted to get the hang of tracing over different images and not worry so much about detailing until I was completely comfortable with recreating my images. I do plan on going back into this one as well to fix things up and add more detailing to the background, fire, wood, and the marshmallows.

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