Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 5A

Today in class we finished up our desktop calendars for Smashing Mouth Magazine. Before making anymore changes we spilt off into groups of three and did a mini critique. This is what my calendar looked like while we critique:

My members suggested lightening the font of the calendar and having all the marshmallows have the same shaped legs. I also added some tuffs of grass in the background and around the marshmallows and logs of the fire just to add a little bit more detail and depth. When Professor Pannafino came around to talk to everyone individually, he suggested I work on the faces of the marshmallows a little more and give them more of a detailed cartoony look. He also suggested I move my calendar and logo in a bit more so they do not get cut off or seem too close to the edge of the desktop screen and add a few more stars but make them smaller as they move down the page.

After my critique with my classmates and Professor Pannafino, this is what my calendar looks like now:

I still have a few more thing I would like to edit but I believe it is just about done and I am very proud of my very first creation using Adobe Illustrator.

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